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NH INSIDER- Your Source for NH Politics - Press Releases - Cooler Heads Digest 8 November 2013

...... in its stead , imposed a federal plan that cost billion more , but which failed to achieve a perceptible improvement over the state rsquo s plan Oklahoma Attorney general Scott Pruitt sued over EPA rsquo s all-pain , no-gain Regional Haze plan in the Denver-based th Federal Circuit Court of Appeals In July , the Court sided with EPA in a two-to-one majority decision ......

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Perry pleads for 2nd chance, Gingrich admits "dumb" mistake | The <b>...</b>

...... , who dropped out of the race earlier in the day after multiple sex-related scandals and below-par performances on issues on the campaign trail Questioners included attorneys general Scott Pruitt of Oklahoma , Pam Bondi of Florida and Ken Cuccinelli of Virginia Reflecting widespread concerns among conservatives about former Massachusetts Gov Mitt Romney , the questioners pressed him on ......

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Logan and Danny's Collegiate Punditry: Huckabee's Presidential <b>...</b>

...... a normal human , you probably missed Mike Huckabee Presidential forum on Fox News , with State Attorneys General Virginia Ken Cuccinelli , Florida Pam Bondi , and Oklahoma Scott Pruitt , all of which are Republicans asking Gingrich , Bachmann , Paul , Perry , Santorum , and Romney questions about their record and policy prescriptions Each candidate got minutes to answer ......

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The Huckabee Forum an improved format Hot Air

...... past positions and statements NOTE If you missed it , you can watch the entire thing online today at Election Central the panel consisted of Ken Cuccinelli , Pam Bondi and Scott Pruitt , and I felt they each did a professional job and were well prepared to grill the GOP hopefuls on pertinent issues There was a complete and welcome absence of vanilla , generic questions which ......

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Republican AGs Grill GOP Candidates At Mike Huckabee's Forum <b>...</b>

...... eliminating , the National Labor Relations Board At this stage , Ken , I would not propose getting rid of all federal labor law , he said Cuccinelli , who joined Oklahoma AG Scott Pruitt and Florida AG Pam Bondi , stole the show with his follow up questions , however He pressed Michele Bachmann on how states would settle disputes over pollution that crossed border without the EPA , ......

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Live-Blogging the Huckabee/Fox Debate (UPDATED)

...... written statues , he says We need to re-evaluate these acts when they come up for re-authorization We need to fix them and have Congress define them and not the regulators Scott Pruitt asks why the Founders allowed for separation of powers Answer the federal government was always intended to be limited the courts are not the only arbiter of the Constitution , he says Time ......

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